What is the Flipped Classroom?

I just found this great Flipped Classroom infographic from Ohio State University and it inspired me to try harder to incorporate flipped classroom lesson plans in my own library instruction. I’m still a new teacher, so I find myself making the classic mistake of trying to fit too much into a library session, but I really do believe that there is more that students need to learn about the library than what I can teach them in 45 minutes. Besides providing more long-lasting learning, a flipped-classroom situation can be a kind of solution to the dilemma of the “one-shot session.” And besides, it’s more fun for everyone!

It can be difficult to plan for a flipped classroom situation when doing so requires faculty cooperation, but statistics like these, as well as faculty who appreciate the importance of library instruction (which, fortunately, describes many of the faculty I work with!), can make arguing for a flipped classroom approach to library instruction more productive. With a little explanation and negotiation, it soon becomes clear that a library session that’s a flipped classroom is a win for everyone.

I mentioned the Scoop.It site in an earlier post, but I thought I would share my topic board for Information Literacy with everyone (where you can find this infographic among other useful links). There are some fantastic resources out there for librarians who teach! If you know of any more and would like to share, please post them in the comments below!

Information Literacy Scoop.It Board 


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