Take 2: Rising from the Ashes

It’s been a very long time since I last contributed to this blog, and for that I’m very sorry! The primary reason is simply that I’ve been doing so much that I don’t have time to talk about doing! This hasn’t changed much, but I feel it’s worth making the time to continue contributing to this blog again for a few reasons:

  1. You: There are a lot of things that us librarians do that are really cool, but that don’t get shared beyond each amazing librarian’s circle of colleagues. I’m hoping that this blog can be a platform for me to share some of thing things I’m doing at my library for the benefit of others.
  2. Me: Because blogging helps me! Blogging about my professional endeavors keeps me on track and motivates me to do better. For me to feel comfortable sharing my work publicly, it needs to be my best work, so blogging raises my standards and serves as quality control.
  3. You for me: My hope is that by sharing things that are important to me on this blog, I can induce conversation about those topics. I want to know: have you done something similar? Does this technique work? Why is my idea flawed? What’s missing? What will make it better?
  4. Librarianship: This might be an incomplete thought, but because I have the luxury of being a non-tenure-track academic librarian, this reasoning makes sense to me. While “how I did it good” articles are useful and can provide fruitful ideas for other libraries, I wonder about its place in library and information science scholarship. While I certainly have and probably will contribute to this kind of literature in LIS, I think of those topics as better suited to this kind of blog format. Here I can share what my library is doing without the pretense of serious scholarship, and those who could benefit from it can, hopefully, find their way here without paywalls or other barriers.

I know that there are not enough hours in the day and so many things to do, so my promise to you, dear reader, with these blog posts, is to keep them, to the extent of my abilities:

  1. Short and sweet (relatively)
  2. Valuable – I want to pack these posts with valuable information that you can take and use in your library. And if there is something you wish I would blog about, shoot me a message.

Lest I break my first promise already, wish me luck and please consider subscribing!


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