Listed below are the courses I completed as a GSLIS student. More information about the courses and the GSLIS program in general can be found here.

General Courses
LIS501 – Information Sources and Services in the Social Sciences (Fall 2011) – Les Gasser
LIS590LW – Web Design and Construction for Organizations (Fall 2011) – Diane Kovacs
LIS502 – Libraries, Information and Society – (Spring 2012) Scott Walter
LIS507 – Cataloging and Classification (Spring 2012) – Kathryn La Barre
LIS569 – Financial Management (Fall 2012) – Bob Burger

Special Collections
LIS590HB – History of the Book (Fall 2011) – Bonnie Mak
LIS590RB – Rare Book and Special Collections (Summer 2012) – Sidney Burger
LIS581 – Administration and Use of Archival Materials (Fall 2012) – Anke Voss

LIS458 – Instruction and Assistance Systems (Fall 2012) – Melissa Wong
LIS591 – Practicum (Spring 2013) – Harriett Green and Linda Smith
LIS524 – Information Sources and Services in the Arts and Humanities (Spring 2013) – Wayne Bivens-Tatum
LIS590AE – Advanced Information Literacy and Instruction (Spring 2013) – Merinda Hensley

Specialized Areas
LIS530A – Music Librarianship and Bibliography (Spring 2012) – John Wagstaff
LIS590UMI – Understanding Multimedia Information: Concepts and Practices (Spring 2012) – Stephen Downie

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